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$180 - $250 per person

Do you need a professionally certified First Aid, CPR and AED course? 


At First Aid Tuition we offer the Health & Safety Institute (HSI) certified courses, a US based organisation. These are excellent, internationally recognised courses that are valid for 2 years. (HSI is the umbrella company that runs ASHI, the courses we used to teach, they have all merged together and we are pleased to be offering their brand new up to date latest programs.)

We offer several different HSI courses, each with a different focus:

  • Adult First Aid with CPR / AED Combination Course

  • Paediatric First Aid with CPR / AED Combination Course *NEW*

  • Adult or Paediatric First Aid Course

  • CPR & AED Course for Adults, Children and / or Infants

There are two ways to take the HSI courses:


1. Classroom Programme

 1 x 8 hr Classroom Session (length of class does vary depending on program)


2. Blended Programme

1 x Online Course (3 - 4 hrs)

1 x Face-to-face Skills Session (3.5 - 4 hours)

The Blended approach is more popular because it means less classroom time for you. The Online Course can be completed at your own pace, because the programme saves as you progress, allowing you to complete it over multiple sessions. It consists of a series of online teaching sessions and scenarios followed by questions that the participant must get correct in order to proceed to the next topic.  Once you have completed your Online Course, you can complete the Face-to-Face Skills session.

During the Face-to-Face Skills session we look closely at what it means to be a first aider, legal considerations and work on developing excellent assessment skills.  We also revise important theoretical concepts to ensure all participants have a thorough understanding.  As the name suggests the skills session involves practising many first aid and CPR skills so all participants feel comfortable and competent to perform them if required in an emergency.  Each participant will then have to successfully pass a series of Performance Evaluations in order to gain their certification.


Hands-on training

Lots of time is allocated for practicing hands on training, each participant will be assessed on their primary assessment skills, first aid for an unresponsive person, CPR skills, using an AED, caring for a cardiac arrest, controlling severely bleeding wounds, first aid for choking, anaphylaxis emergency treatment and much more.


Our certified courses are taught through scenario based learning allowing participants the opportunity to apply what they have learnt in varied real-world situations.  


As with all First Aid Tuition classes we do require a large element of participation, our classes are fun and interactive to ensure everyone gets the best from the course.

Remote Skills Verification

We do have the option of running our HSI classes remotely.  You will complete the online theory programme as usual and then we will deliver CPR manikins and other essential equipment to your home and assess your skills online.  Restrictions will apply. Please do get in touch for more information.

First Aid, CPR and AED Certified courses

"The ASHI First Aid course was very helpful and I just wish I'd done something similar sooner.  Having an instructor with Rachel's background also distinguished it from courses I had taken before ... Would strongly recommend"

First Aid, CPR and AED Certificate

"Loved working with Rachel from First Aid Tuition [...]  Easy to book, a great set up and lots of flexibility to answer our questions about things we encounter in our day to day, working with kids and in contact sports. Highly recommend!"

Optional exam

A multiple-choice exam can be set if requested. However, is not mandatory because the Online Course includes assessment. 

Number of Participants

First Aid Tuition requires a minimum of 3 participants to run the class. The maximum class size will be capped at 10 people.

Click here for our Terms and Conditions of booking.


Course materials

On successful completion of the course, you will receive an HSI digital First Aid Certificate and an excellent digital First Aid and CPR manual.

Refresher Training 

HSI requires all First Aid and CPR/AED Certificates to be renewed every 2 years.  Participants refreshing their current first aid certificate will have to complete the online course and attend the skills class, this is a change from the previous course structure. We do offer a reduced price to people refreshing their certificate, to encourage everyone to stay certified!  

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Upcoming Course Dates

  • Please email us to register your interest in this class...

If you don't see a course date that suits you, please tell us and we'll try to set up another date for you

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