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First Aid Tuition offers a range of courses to suit your needs


First Aid for Parents

Learn essential first aid skills to keep all your family members safe.  We cover knowledge and skills for infants, young children and adults for many emergency situations.


Private First Aid Classes

Private First Aid Classes

Gather your friends, family or colleagues and we can come to you for first aid and CPR training. We bring all our equipment and can teach any of the classes and courses we offer.

$140 - $250


First Aid for Domestic Helpers

Does your helper know how to help in an emergency? Our course will equip your helper with vital first aid skills to help in any emergency.  



First Aid for Teenagers

It is never too early to learn first aid skills. Our course is aimed at young adults (min age 12) and we cover how to help in an emergency and learn many first aid skills.


ASHI Certified First Aid Course

HSI Certified First Aid Courses

Do you need a professionally certified first aid and CPR certification?  Our ASHI courses are internationally recognised and valid for 2 years.

$180 - $250

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First Aid for Babysitters

What makes a good babysitter? How should you best prepare for a babysitting job? Essential first aid skills for infants and children are covered in this class as well as staying safe.


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