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$160 per person

This course is primarily aimed at older teenagers or young adults looking to earn some extra money taking on babysitting jobs. 

Many teenagers embark on babysitting jobs to earn some additional funds and to learn responsibility and independence.  Being prepared and having first aid knowledge is essential. 


Our First Aid Class for Babysitters focuses on first aid and accident prevention for infants and children and on the role of the babysitter. This class is aimed at teenagers 14 years old and above and is completed in one 4 hour session.  


Our class covers: 


Role of the Babysitter 

  • What makes a good babysitter? 

  • What parents expect 

  • How to prepare for a babysitting job

  • How to keep yourself safe 


First Aid 

  • How to get help in Singapore 

  • Primary assessments 

  • When to call an ambulance 

  • Recovery position  

  • CPR for children and infants (and adults) 

  • AED demo 

  • CPR for drowning 

  • Choking for children and infants (and adults) 

  • Control of severe external bleeding

  • Minor wounds 

  • Burns  

  • Nose bleeds 

  • Head and spinal injuries  

  • Limb injuries 

  • Accidental poisoning  

  • Seizures 

  • Allergies and anaphylaxis 

  • Heat emergencies  


We encourage lots of questions and interaction during the session and classes are kept small to ensure adequate time for assessment and skills practice.

Babysitting first aid classes

Number of Participants

First Aid Tuition requires a minimum of 4 participants to run the class.  We aim to keep our classes on the small side (max 10) to ensure everyone feels relaxed and comfortable and so our instructors can assess all the first aid skills being practised and correct anyone if needed.

Click here for our Terms and Conditions of booking.

Refresher courses

First aid advice changes and we forget skills if we aren't using them frequently, so it is recommended that first aid training be refreshed every 2 years.


Bespoke training

If you have a specific concern that you would like covered, please do let us know and we can design a course for you.


Course materials

All attendees will receive a digital certificate of attendance and a First Aid booklet.

Enquire / Register

Upcoming Course Dates 2023

Please contact us if you would like to attend or organise a session during an upcoming school holiday or on a weekend.

If you don't see a course date that suits you, please tell us and we'll try to set up another date for you

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