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$150 per person

Having all members of the household trained in first aid is a must. Emergencies happen and the actions that are taken in the heat of the moment can make a huge difference to the outcome.


For many families in Singapore much of the childcare is carried out by our wonderful helpers, but does you helper know what to do in an emergency?  


Our monthly Domestic Helper First Aid Class, held at our venue on East Coast Rd, focuses on the first aid skills for common emergency situations that can occur at home.  We look at what to do for all age groups, from the very young to the elderly.  We also focus on accident prevention – what are the most common injuries sustained at home and how we can prevent them.


Your helper will learn how to:

  • Get help in Singapore

  • Complete a primary assessment

  • Look after an unresponsive person - the recovery position

  • Perform CPR for adults, children and infants

  • Use an AED


First Aid topics covered

  • Drowning

  • Choking - adults, children and infants  

  • Severely bleeding wounds

  • Minor wounds

  • Burns

  • Head and spinal injuries

  • Seizure 

  • Asthma attacks

  • Allergies and anaphylaxis

  • Accidental poisoning

  • Animal and insect bites

  • Limb injuries

  • Heart attacks

  • Strokes

First Aid Classes for Helpers

Number of Participants

First Aid Tuition requires a minimum of 4 participants to run the class.  We aim to keep our classes on the small side (max 10) to ensure everyone feels relaxed and comfortable and so our instructors can assess all the first aid skills being practised and correct anyone if needed.

Click here for our Terms and Conditions of booking.

High trainer to participant ratio

Our participant numbers are deliberately capped to ensure everyone gets involved in the session and that there is adequate time for your helper to practice and also for the trainer to assess all the skills learned.  We actively encourage lots of questions and try our best to ensure all attendees understand the content by using audio, visual and video tools.


Bespoke training

If you would like a particular topic covered in more detail or for the focus to be on a particular age group please do let us know.


Course materials

Your helper will receive a digital certificate attendance upon successful completion of the class and a first aid booklet to take home.

Course Dates 2023

  • Sunday 20th August 9.30am - 1pm

  • Saturday 9th September  9.30am - 1pm

  • Sunday 8th October 9.30am - 1pm

  • Saturday 4th November 9.30am - 1pm 

If you don't see a course date that suits you, please tell us and we'll try to set up another date for you or we can come to you for a Private Class.

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