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Director / Instructor

Rachel's vision is to make first aid training accessible to the whole community, regardless of previous training or level of education. She believes focusing on teaching good first aid assessment skills and core principles will give all participants the confidence to know what to do and what not to do in an emergency.

Rachel enjoys training all ages and levels of ability, adjusting her approach to the needs of the class and individuals. She enjoys the interaction with participants and strives to make her classes not just informative but fun, engaging and memorable!

Rachel trained as a nurse in the UK (B hons nursing) and has worked on medical and surgical wards, a Trauma ward, neuro-surgical intensive care and general intensive care. Rachel is also mum to three very busy sons!

Rachel Kelly first aid instructor and instructor trainer
Rachael Walmsley first aid trainer



Rachel is joined by Rachael Walmsley (you don't have to be called Rachel to work for First Aid Tuition!) in delivering first rate first aid training in Singapore.

Rachael joined the team over two years ago and also has a back ground as a UK trained nurse (general surgical, International School nurse in Dubai, community nursing plus a BSc Physiology degree) and is a certified ASHI Instructor and a mum to three young children.  

Rachael shares First Aid Tuition's vision to make first aid training accessible to all and enjoys the challenge of empowering her students to know how to help in emergencies.

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