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I have just completed the American Safety & Health Institute training program and it was such a positive experience. The two Instructors, Rachel and Rachael, were absolutely excellent in their delivery and facilitation. Everything was very clear, informative and made it interesting, the 3 hours flew by! It was personalised to our school context and there was the opportunity to ask question throughout. Thank you so much! 


(ASHI Adult and Child Blended Course)

"The ASHI First Aid course was very helpful and I just wish I’d done something similar sooner. It made me realise just how much I’d forgotten or never knew.  Having an instructor with Rachel’s background also distinguished it from courses I’d taken before and gave me confidence in her answers to questions about scenarios that departed from those in the textbook.  Would strongly recommend.”


[ASHI Adult and Child Blended Course]

Rachel's First Aid course was the best I've attended. She teaches in a practical, applicable manner, whilst being super engaging. Concepts I've found quite boring in other First Aid and CPR classes really came to life with her instruction. She's clearly passionate about the subject matter given her nursing background. Her experience and realistic attitude gave me the confidence that I am trained to respond to any variety of situations that may show up in the future.


(First Aid for Parents Class)

"Loved working with Rachel from First Aid Tuition to get myself and other Centaurs staff First Aid qualified. Easy to book, a great set up and lots of flexibility to answer our questions about things we encounter in our day to day, working with kids and in contact sports. Highly recommend!"


(ASHI Adult and Child Blended Course)

"My helper enjoyed the class very much and has already passed on some of the things she's learnt to me. Thanks!"


(First Aid for Domestic Helpers Class)

I really enjoyed doing this course. Having found a man unresponsive on the street recently made me realise that first aid can be needed at any time- and really everyone should be trained! The online course was clear and well presented and then Rachel’s course followed this up perfectly, giving us a chance to go over what we had learned online, ask additional questions in a more localised context, and practice it for real too. Thank you! 


(ASHI Adult and Child Blended Course)

"I think the first aid course was very educational and helpful because I got to learn how to do CPR and help someone who is unconscious. I think it would benefit a lot of people in a way to educate themselves on the first aid subject, it was a great class and I learnt a lot from it and I will try and use that information as much as I can."


(First Aid for Teenagers) 

"Thanks to Rachel for patiently sharing her decades of practical knowledge on this really well run first aid course. Hopefully we won't have to use these skills but if we do Rachel has given us a great framework and the confidence to think through the best approach be it in a sporting or other setting."


(ASHI Adult and Child Blended Course)

Rachel came by our house for a private first aid class. My husband, helper and I spent 3.5 hours with Rachel covering a broad range of topics focusing on adult, child and infant scenarios. Rachel was extremely knowledgable and we enjoyed how interactive and detailed the class was. We now feel confident in our first aid abilities! 


(Private First Aid Class)

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